Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Jasmine Perfume Manufacturing Company.
Jasmine Cosmetic was founded 2009 in Jordan and Turkey.
The purpose of foundation is to become an international power developing high quality, innovative products in line.
with the requirements of the consumers in Perfumes and cosmetic industry.
Our services, like our products, high quality ,
Customer satisfaction is not just a slogan that we raise in our company, it is a goal we are working to achieve.
Jasmine Perfumes started making pocket perfumes and was distinguished in its industry in terms of shape, scents, quality, focus and competitive prices.
And that was the beginning of a breakthrough to work on the manufacture of new shapes and new sizes with diverse and unique scents of men's and women's perfumes.
Jasmine Cosmetic features in its product range many products manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and GMP quality standards.
Perfume, Reed Diffuser , Room Spray , Body Splash , deodorant, Hand Gel , Cologne , etc..
The company added LUVEAL , CAVAYELO , FOR EVER , TOUCH brands.
Jasmine Cosmetic reached 50 export countries in 5 continents , We have strong partnership relations with the principle of agency in many Arab,
African and European countries, whether at the level of our main brand Jasmine Perfumes or at the level of the client's brand.
Jasmine Cosmetic is capable of making efficient use of the advantages of the geography it is located in.
Being close to significant ports, prompt service mentality in the delivery of required products and services and high level of logistic capability have positioned Jasmine Cosmetic as a reliable company maintaining its long term trade mentality.